Health Dept. mask meeting

BOZEMAN- Tuesday, The Gallatin County City-County Board of Health was scheduled to have a discussion on a potential countywide mask mandate. 

The meeting had to be postponed that was going to take place at The Commons at Baxter and Love Lane where the topic of a mandate to require masks in public at restaurants, schools, and other indoor public settings was to be discussed.

Inside the building there was enough seating for 100 people, there was also overflow areas outside the main building where the overflow crowd could watch a live broadcast and give feedback. 

The County Board, Sheriff Brian Gootkin, and Commissioner Joe Skinner asked the group to be cooperative with social distance guidelines inside the building. 

When compliance did not happen the meeting was postponed leaving Commissioner Skinner surprised by the events that unfolded. 

“I was prepared, I think the whole board was prepared to come to listen to everybody’s public comment today,” Commissioner Joe Skinner said, “and take that into consideration and make a decision and we weren’t able to do that and it was disappointing and we’ll see where it goes from here.”

Following the postponement of the meeting Sheriff Gootkin spoke with different groups of people explaining that cooperation was required for the meeting to progress.  

Gootkin listened for quite sometime on the opinions of community members, Gootkins conversations though were not officially on record as he was trying to just keep the peace.

We are waiting for more details on when the meeting will to take place, and if it will be an in person meeting.

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