Greater Impact reopens women’s recovery house and asks for help

Recover Director of Greater Impact Linda Walker (left) and Director of Greater Impact John Paszkiet (right)

BOZEMAN- Nonprofit Greater Impact reopened their newly remodeled women’s recovery home called the Lindsey House looking to help women out in the community who are in the most desperate of situations.

According to their Greater Impact’s Recovery Director Linda Walker they haven’t been able to assist women in the community that need help the most since August of 2019.

“It’s really such a blessing to be able to help women because we just didn’t have that opportunity for the last year and so to be able to walk with them through, through the tough times learning how to do easy things that we think are easy is something that I really appreciate that I get to be a part of and hopefully after nine months then they’ll be ready to go out on their own,” Walker said.

Walker said the Lindsey House can now help eight women at a time for those who need a place to stay so that they can work to get back up on their feet from whatever issue they are struggling with.

The director of Greater Impact John Paszkiet said they look to help anyone and everyone during these uncertain times.

“There’s a lot of folks that I see out in our community that don’t have hope and so when I get to see them kind of have a smile on their face or really, really make some life changes that are positive that’s, that’s really what is in it for me and seeing people take these positive steps and seeing them have hope and continuing to grow,” Paszkiet said.

Walker and Paszkiet said that right now they are just scratching the surface on being able to fund the Lindsey House and they would love for any and all donations.

Currently they are doing oil changes in their garage at The Hub on Simmental Way that goes towards funding their programs.

They also have a community benefit event on Oct. 17, 2020.

More information on the Lindsey House can be found here.

More information and how to donate can be found here.

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