GREAT FALLS - Many Montana police forces are coming up with new ways to help contain the coronavirus.

We wanted to sit down and find out what these changes are and what the community can expect to see.

All officers are given safety glasses, masks and gloves to use when they respond to scenes but those aren’t the only measures being taken to help maintain officer health.

If you call 9-1-1 a new question is being asked to callers is if they are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms. This information is then given to the responding officers, who will now know how to respond depending on the answers given.

“The biggest piece obviously stays at home as much as possible and maintains the distancing between each other but it’s also for the mental health piece to keep everybody focused on doing the right thing and keeping everyone safe common sense approach is what we ask people to do,” said Lt. Doug Otto, Information Officer, and Trainer, GFPD.

Now while officers are still on patrol and making traffic stops when they see obvious violations, they are not stopping people from just being out and trying to get some fresh air.

“We are making sure we are answering the calls for service if we see traffic violations we will address that issue we are not out just stopping people randomly just to see what you are up to, I cannot stress that enough,” said Lt. Doug Otto, Information Officer, and Trainer, GFPD.

Other measures being taken the community will notice is the closing of the front walk-in area at the station.

To help in maintaining social distancing and safety for everyone in the community and the station.

You can find the links to the online reporting and more information on how to report concerns to GFPD here.

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