Great Falls grocery stores making your life easier

GREAT FALLS- In Great Falls grocery shopping can now be done in a couple of clicks. We're telling you about a new service that's keeping you out of long lines and letting you spend more time with your kiddos.

Grocery shopping in the Electric City is becoming easier for fans of online shopping. That's because some stores are telling us customers can now shop by calling the store to place an order or use an app.

Right now, Walmart on 10th Ave. S. and Albertsons on 10th Ave. S. are providing some form of grocery delivery or online shopping.

Walmart and Albertsons are only providing these services at 10th Ave. S. locations.

Albertsons says people can call the store and ask for delivery. Then people can give them a list of items over the phone or email. They'll buy you the lowest cost product unless you specify otherwise. It’s a $6 delivery fee unless it's over $100 or if you get your prescriptions from the Osco Pharmacy there's no delivery fee.

On the other hand, Walmart says they aren't delivering yet. However starting today, June 13, 2019, they're beginning their grocery pick up services. Meaning, you have to download the Walmart grocery app and enter the 59405 store zip code matching the 10th Ave. S. address. Walmart says in the future you'll be able to place orders seven days out. They couldn't comment if other Walmart locations in Great Falls are getting online grocery pick up.

Other grocery stores like 2J's Fresh Market and Super 1 Foods say they're working on providing some type of an online or delivery service in the near future. Smith's Food and Drug says they don't deliver or provide online grocery shopping in Great Falls because the market isn't large enough.

Is online grocery shopping helping you out

This is something we can all relate to. Grocery shopping can be fun, but sometimes it's just a hassle.

We talked to five grocery stores in Great Falls, and two of them are offering some type of online or delivery grocery shopping service. But the question we asked people is if these services would make their life easier.

"I will use an app like I use I bought it to get some rewards back. But I'm the person where I like to see the fruit I'm buying and pick it out myself,” said an anonymous Great Falls resident.

"You can either go online and either one of the stores they have apps you can just order your groceries and you can pick it up or they can have them delivered. And if it's not produce you can go online and get even better deals,” said Samantha Williams a Great Falls resident.

"I would prefer to shop at the store myself so I can look at everything and choose things myself. I think online could benefit some people who are unable to go to the grocery store,” said an anonymous Great Falls resident.

Some folks also mentioned they do their grocery shopping on websites like Amazon as long as they're not shopping for fresh produce.

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