Governor Steve Bullock meets with Bozeman cafe owners regarding the reopening process and grants from the state

BOZEMAN- Governor Steve Bullock stopped by Café M a popular coffee shop in downtown Bozeman to meet with the owners of the shop which had to close their doors during the pandemic.

Right now they are receiving funds from the state to begin the reopening process.


The governor and the owners of the shop talked for about a half-hour, the owners of Café M explained that the $10,000 grant that they received from the business stabilization program was a relief. 

Governor Bullock says there's great demand when it comes to the funding grants but if you are a small business owner reimbursements are still available.

“Stick with it, make sure to apply,” Governor Steve Bullock said, “We put out other programs…… businesses have had to make adaptations to deal with this.”

The owners explained to the governor that the Montana grant program was easier to understand than the federal grant process.

They received communication about their grant and funds promptly helping them to make crucial decisions on reopening which helped them purchase things like hand sanitizer, social distancing markers, and, plexiglass barriers.

“We want those dollars to be reimbursed as well,” Governor Steve Bullock said, “so we encourage folks to go to the state website and take a look at it, we want to work with them to make sure that they can be safe reopen and stay open.” 

Governor Bullock says right now the total grant money going into Gallatin County totals $3.4 million.

To find out more about the grants you can follow this link.

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