Greg Gianforte

BOZEMAN, Mont. – After exhibiting mild symptoms on Sunday and out of an abundance of caution, Governor Greg Gianforte was tested for COVID-19 Monday and received a positive result. The first lady, who has exhibited no symptoms, has been tested and is awaiting her results.

Gov. Gianforte received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine last week. According to the CDC, the vaccine will not cause a positive result on viral tests for the coronavirus. You can read more about the vaccine on the CDC website.

Following his doctor's instructions and public health guidance, the governor is isolating for 10 days, according to a release.

The governor said he has notified all individuals with whom he may have had close contact.

All of the governor's in-person events have been canceled until further notice, and the governor will continue to conduct his duties and manage the state's business from his home in Bozeman.

As a precautionary measure, the governor's staff will be tested early Tuesday morning. The governor said he and his staff have been tested regularly since he was sworn into office in January.

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