Golfer Jake Adams apologizes after hitting golf balls in Yellowstone National Park

YELLOWSTONE, WY- A golfer by the name of Jake Adams is apologizing after hitting golf balls in several National Parks including Yellowstone National Park.

Adams was on a road trip across the country to hit a golf ball in all 50 states.

He posted videos on social media which made members of the community frustrated, community members say that they felt like he was neglecting the laws put in place to protect wildlife in the natural habitat.

Adams says now he knows he did not do the proper research.

“Do not do what I did,” Adams said, “Do not hit any golf balls in our national parks biodegradable or not it’s still a foreign substance that goes in I’m just really sorry it was never my intention at all to mess with a National Parks.”

Adams used biodegradable golf balls and says that he thought for that reason what he was doing was ok but he now knows that’s not the case.

A spokesperson for the National Parks department tells us, “Visitors who violate park rules and regulations are subject to fines and/or imprisonment. NPS law enforcement at several national parks, including Yellowstone National Park, are investigating this activity”- Cynthia Hernandez, NPS Spokesperson.

Visitors who violate park rules and regulations are subject to fines and or imprisonment.

The park said they encourage everyone to look at the leave no trace laws before they enter the park.

NPS did not specifically comment on the situation but Adams did say on the phone he’s under the impression he is in very serious trouble and the possibility of jail time.

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