Frenchtown Rural Fire helps homeowners prepare for fire season

FRENCHTOWN - Right now, firefighters are urging people to prepare their homes for fire danger as Montana prepares to see a worse fire season compared to last year.

Firefighters say right now is the time to prepare your home because bundles of brush, dead low-hanging tree branches and even gutters that haven't been cleaned out could pose a threat to your home if an ember from a wildfire lands on your property.

But, if you're looking around and you don't know where to start, the Frenchtown Rural Fire District has a fire mitigation team that will come out, assess your property and help you figure out what needs to go. They will also help you to get it done safely and they say they have a good time doing it.

"It makes me feel very good and the homeowners here in the Frenchtown district are really appreciative of the work that we do here, and they're very thankful and I love that," said Thomas Beers, EMT & firefigther. "I like seeing the feeling communicating with them and what they want done, that's a good relationship to have especially with the fire department and with myself on a personal level with those people. It's a great feeling overall."

The FRFD receives a grant that helps homeowners cover some of the cost of coming out to clear any brush or needles around the home, but homeowners do have to pay some money depending on the kind of work that is done by the fire mitigation team. The FRFD isn't the only group of firefighters that does this either, Missoula Rural Fire District has this service as well.

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