GREAT FALLS - Today people everywhere will share gifts and reminders to those that mean the most to us but what happens if you put your gift getting to the last minute?

We spoke with a local florist to see what it is like on Valentine’s day when the last-minute gifters begin to walk through the door.

It turns out for the Conservatory the prep work starts back in September with ordering supplies and inventory for the special day.

With all this prep work in mind, I asked the owner of the Electric City Conservatory what the most common question she gets asked is and this is what she had to say.

"The most common question I get today and tomorrow is what do you have left, people want to know if we have roses left if we have lilies left that is the biggest thing in what we have left." *and the answer?* "the answer is we have everything and plenty of it," Said Meghan Kelly Owner, Electric City Conservatory.

Lilies and roses are the most popular flowers this time of the year and Kelly assured me the Conservatory is ready for any of the last-minute gift buyers.

The conservatory has been in the Electric City for over 100 years and is currently under its fourth owner doors will open at 8:30 this morning.

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