Flooding potential in the Helena Valley

We all know the saying, what goes up must come down, and the law of physics will come into play after all the wet weather passes through. All the rain and snow in the mountains will have to make its way down to Lake Helena at some point. 


According to some residents in the Helena Valley, the ground level has already risen and there has been some reports of water in basements of homes. Areas around Ten Mile Creek and the lower areas of McHugh Lane tend be the ones most effected by flooding.  


“We have nice ditches out here, they over flowed last year and came this way instead of staying in the ditch. Working on getting culverts through Montana Ave. You have to deal with transportation then, so it will pass over and go to the gun club. They’ve got a retaining pond over there,” said Marlys Mattfeild, a Helena Valley Resident and a member of the Helena Valley Flood Committee.  


Lewis and Clark County and the Helena Valley Flood Committee have taken a lot of precaution when it comes to prepping for flooding season, like cleaning and clearing out culverts so the water can free flow. The flood committee also has a Facebook Page, email message system and meetings for residents to get information about what is going on in the valley when it comes to flooding. 


You can track the flood levels by clicking here and find out more information about the flood committee by clicking here. 

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