What you need to know this flu season

GREAT FALLS - As the weather continues to change your risk of getting the flu can change as well.

We sat down with one local health nurse who told us what to look out for in your own home so you can fight back against the flu.

With flu season in full effect, you may be thinking that your home is safe from possible infection.

But the problem comes through the air in the form of a cough or sneeze.

Once this happens all it can take is to touch something in the area around the person infected.

“With prevention of flu transmission there really isn’t a magic bullet it’s a combination of little things you know the little things of just making sure you understand how this virus gets into your body and that either inhaling or touching objects and touching the mucous membrane,” said Tim Lambert, Public Health Nurse.

The mucous membrane in the open areas on your face like your mouth and eyes.

Common household objects like doorknobs, faucets and toilet flushers are common areas you wouldn’t realize are carrying the flu and the best ways to keep yourself healthy is wash your hands carry hand sanitizer and get your flu shot.

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