Cody - Four people have died hunting for the Forrest Fenn treasure. Others have been saved by search and rescue missions.  Yet,  many people are still looking for the box of gold and jewels reportedly hidden in the Rockies.

 Barry Martin brought his wife and grandchildren to vacation in Yellowstone near

Cody.  But, that wasn’t the only reason for their long trip from  Florida.  He wanted to find

a treasure hidden in the Rockies by an art collector: Forrest Fenn.

 Martin said,  “I done emailed Forrest Fenn before and told him, ‘I’m going up there, I’m going to get the treasure, and I’m going to give it to you.”

 Other treasure hunters wanted the millions in gold, gems, and artifacts Fenn said he put in the bronze chest, and hid in the Rockies ten years ago.  Fenn published a a book called, “Thrill of the Chase”. In it was a poem with clues to the location 

 Four people have reportedly died looking for the treasure. The last death was in Yellowstone in 2017. 

 Martin said, “I don’t think it is in Yellowstone.”

 But, after three long trips to the backcountry through rivers, rocky roads, and a mile long hike…Martin was sure he had found the treasure’s location.   He asked us to come along for the final hunt.

 Martin remarked, “I knew where I was going, and I went there, and I’m satisfied that I got the spot.”

 Martin wore bear spray, and knew to follow Fenn’s advice to stay safe.  He grew more excited as he came closer to the spot he was sure held the treasure. He put on waders, and he waded in cold water, and reached for the spot.

 But, the treasure was not there.  He thinks someone may have already found it.  And, he was happy

 Martin said, “I’m satisfied that I done everything I could, and I enjoyed my trip so much, so much. I’m getting goose bumps just talking about it.”

 Martin found a plastic box with notebooks in it near where he thought the treasure would be. Several people left messages saying they had come that way looking for the Fenn treasure, too.

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