GREAT FALLS- The Frosty of Montana ice cream truck is back up and running in the Electric City. For those who don’t remember this truck, you’ll want the kids to know about this story because it could be riding around in your neighborhood.

Frosty of Montana ice cream trucks date back to the 1960s. 

A father and son are bringing the trucks back after getting the rights from one of the original frosty owners. This all started when 8-year-old Benjamin Brown and his parents were at a garage sale.

“There I was, standing in the street with my umbrella that I got for 50 cents, and I heard music, so I turned around and there was the ice cream truck," Benjamin Brown says, "And so I was like why don’t we have an ice cream truck in our neighborhood?”

So Darren Brown, Benjamin’s dad, asked if he wanted to start an ice cream truck business. Mom Michelle Brown really didn’t think these boys were serious, but they were.

“We found this truck and it did not look like this at all. It was pretty run down. It needed a lot of work. We found an old mail truck and turned it into the Frosty truck," Darren and Benjamin said.

They hope to take the Frosty of Montana ice cream truck to neighborhoods, birthday parties and events.

Frosty Trucks were actually owned by a group of Great Falls teachers and were popular, but stopped running sometime in the 1980s. Both the Browns are actually a part of the GFPS education system, and plan to keep the history of educators running this ice cream truck alive. 

Although this new Frosty of Montana truck isn't an original, the Browns say they made sure they’re carrying the history around with old pictures.

8-year-old Benjamin Brown says the menu includes all kinds of ice cream options ranging from M&M and Twix. There's also a gluten-free option.

The old Frosty of Montana trucks were actually featured in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot starring Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges. The Browns say if either star comes to the new truck, ice cream is on the house.

For now the Frosty of Montana truck will only be serving in Great Falls. The Browns say they need to make sure services are established here first.

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