Tom Winter

MONTANA- Montanans have gained another congressional district, this for the first time in 30 years.

We have been reaching out to candidates running for the seat, there are several on both sides of the isles who have tossed their names in the hat.

Former Democrat Montana State Rep. Tom Winter spoke exclusively with Wake Up Montana.

Winter says, “You’re not going to find him whining about a process.”

He points out that for him, Montana is a place worth fighting for.

“This is the Montana way - cut through the bull and everyone starts on a level playing field and gets a fair shake,” Winter says, “If a democrat doesn’t have the confidence in their message and a belief in their neighbors in western Montana - then maybe they shouldn’t be in this race.”

By all accounts, this western seat is a tossup for both parties meaning we are about to have quite a race on our hands this next year.

It’s a race Winter says he is ready to fight to win.

“Montanans are blessed with an actual truly independent redistricting commission. Most states suffer from extreme partisan gerrymanders - by both Republicans and Democrats,” says Winter. “Montana is a place apart worth protecting for all.”

Winters team says via release that the new district lines drawn and confirmed by the commission retain a sizable amount of the identity of Western Montana in a western district. When graded by congressional performances of the last 4 elections including the 2017 special election this western seat is a tossup for both parties.

In 2018 winters flipped a western Montana state legislative district that was +11 Republican.

The Winter For Montana campaign is ready to take on a +7 Republican and “probable” GOP nominee Ryan Zinke.

The former congressman from the western district, Pat Williams tells Wake Up Montana in previous coverage that he was disappointed in the way the map was drawn.

Map CP12 keeps Bozeman and Missoula in the same district but, it separates Park County, Lewis and Clark, and Cascade County.

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