Ex-Olympian brings student boxing tournament to Great Falls

GREAT FALLS - Great Falls former boxing Olympian Todd Foster is hosting a crosstown boxing fight Friday with high school students for the fifth year in a row.

You may have heard of Todd Foster. He’s a former 1988 Olympic boxer. As you can imagine, the road to the Olympics is surely a long, physical and mentally tough journey. Which is why Todd and his family attribute any boxing success to the strong bond they have.

Todd Foster's story of success as a boxer is simple: Stay close with your family, be disciplined, work hard, and if you really, really want something you can get it.

For the past few weeks, Todd’s been using these values to train Great Falls high schoolers in a fight he’s putting on tonight called the Crosstown Rumble. But, there’s a catch some of these kids may not even know how to throw a punch, let alone step into the ring.

"I think parents have to..if their kids want to be in something back them up, don't harm them and say you're not worth this, you're not going to do this because there really isn't a lot of things for young people to do today," said Vicki Foster.

The Fosters say boxing teaches you quite a lot whether it’s self-discipline, being independent, refusing to give up, or learning to trust those who are truly in your corner.

The Crosstown Rumble starts at 7:00 p.m. at Paris Gibson School. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. $5 for students & $10 for adults.

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