Everything you need to know for the 119th Brawl of the Wild:

BOZEMAN-The Brawl of the Wild is as Montana as it comes.

The two schools, MSU and UM had their first meeting in 1897, so that’s 122 years ago.

Fans ever year cheer for their team in hopes of taking home the Great Divide Trophy.

The Great Divide Trophy was created in 2001 by Dave Samuelson. The trophy has since been back and forth between MSU and UM many times.

Right now, the trophy is in the possession of Bobcats where it has been since 2016.

The Cat/Griz tradition began in 1897 and is running strong today with fans getting ready to show up in Bozeman in blue and gold and maroon and sliver.

For kick off on Saturday, 17,777 fans will fill into Bobcat Stadium for the biggest football game in the state.  

Kick-off is set for noon.

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