Ensure your pet is safe this Thanksgiving

MISSOULA - Holiday celebrations can often lead to pet emergencies, but there are a few things you can do to keep your pet safe.

It can be very tempting to sneak your pet table scraps during the holiday season, but some Thanksgiving food can be harmful to them.

Fatty foods are hard for animals to digest and poultry bones can break easily, leading to damage to your pet's digestive track. Also be aware of the ingredients in the treat you want to give your pet, because onions and garlic can be poisonous for dogs. Avoid giving them any desserts. The artificial sweetener can be harmful.

However, there are some Thanksgiving foods that are okay for your animal. Plain white turkey meat can be a good treat or mashed potatoes without butter. Plain green beans or plain sweet potato can also be a healthy treat.

Make sure you have your vet's number nearby and also be aware of your closest emergency pet clinic, just in case.

Some pets are shy or excitable around new people or crowds, and Thanksgiving can be a perfect setting for a lot of visitors.

To help keep your visitors and your pet happy, make sure your pet has a quiet place to go, like a separate room just for them. Be mindful of potential great escapes with doors opening more than usual. Also make sure your pet has an updated ID tag or microchip.

If you are really busy this Thanksgiving, designate a guest that is familiar with your pet to keep an eye out and give them special attention.

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