Downtown Bozeman Partnership is asking for your nominations on beautification awards

BOZEMAN- The Bozeman Beautification Board is hoping to lift the spirits and end the year off strong highlighting all the great projects of 2020, but they need your help with nominations.

Normally the Bozeman Beautification Awards ceremony would take place at the Baxter Hotel but because of the pandemic, submissions will be publicly recognized in city communications and local media later this fall.

You can submit a property, project, space, person or community organization that you think has contributed to making Bozeman a more beautiful and livable community in these challenging times.

This year the category of “Acts of Neighborliness” was added to recognize individuals, community organizations, or local businesses that have supported the community during COVID.

Bozeman Beautification Board Member Ellie Staley said they want to keep the community energized during the fall and winter seasons while making people proud of the work they’ve done throughout the tough 2020 year.

“People put a lot of heart and soul into projects around this community and this is everything from their gardens, to redoing a fence or renovating a building, these are small projects to really large scale projects and a lot of heart and soul and sometimes a lot of money are also going into these projects and we want to make sure they’re recognized and that people notice them,” Staley said.

More information and a link to submit your nomination can be found here.

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