Downtown Bozeman Business Partnership hosting Instagram challenge to encourage supporting local businesses

BOZEMAN- Right now the Downtown Bozeman Business Partnership in thanks to a grant from the state is hoping you’ll use your Instagram to support downtown businesses and keep case flowing.

The Downtown Bozeman Partnership received a non-profit social services grant from the state of Montana all geared towards supporting local businesses in downtown thrive.

Through an interactive challenge you at home can earn some big prizes and support downtown at the same time.

It’s called the My Downtown Challenge, for the next 6 weeks there is a different photo challenge all geared around shopping in downtown Bozeman.

Big prizes are up for grabs and the hope behind this will spread the word and help nudge friends into coming back downtown to keep the economy moving forward.

 “I think that this is a way for people to reclaim the downtown district,” Makai-Lynn Randall the

Downtown Bozeman Business Partnership Operations Manager said, “and get them feeling comfortable coming back to downtown after they maybe haven’t been down here in a long time.”

Local businesses need a boost after the COVID-19 crisis put a stop to foot traffic in downtown Bozeman. All of this being done to jumpstart the local economy and get businesses back on the right track.

There is up to $500 dollars up for grabs some as cash, some as gift cards, and some as downtown dollars- the winners will all be selected randomly so not only is it a good way to support local businesses but to also win a prize.

You can follow this link for more. 

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