Click it or ticket: Extra patrols out for holiday travel

MISSOULA, Mont. - With Memorial Day right around the corner, comes the beginning of the summer travel season. With that, the Missoula Police Department will be increasing patrols. 

MPD wants to make sure travelers remember to buckle up before they hit the road. They're teaming up with other law enforcement groups to take part in a nationwide effort to remind folks to 'Click it or ticket' day and night. 

Based on the latest numbers available from Montana Highway Patrol, so far this year there've been 79 deaths on state highways. Of those, 39 people weren't wearing seatbelts. That's nearly half. 

Lieutenant Matt Kazinsky shared wearing seatbelts saves lives. 

"They keep you in the vehicle, as opposed to ejections that can occur," Kazinsky said. "It's very important for drivers, passengers and especially kiddos, to be all restrained in seatbelts when traveling." 

There'll be extra patrols out to educate drivers and enforce seat belt laws starting May 24 through June 6. 

This effort is also part of Vision Zero from MDT who report in the last decade nearly 1,300 people who've been killed in vehicle crashes in Montana were not wearing seatbelts. 

Before you hit the road, remember- click it or ticket. 

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