Cheaper flights out of Great Falls?

GREAT FALLS - We all want to fly cheap! Here's one way the Great Falls International Airport is trying to make your flights cost less.

With 80,000 boardings a year, we all know traveling comes with a cost. Which is why the airport is looking at starting a new initiative to make coming and going less financially stressful.

In 2011, the Great Falls International Airport and Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce started an incentive called the Low-Cost Airfare Initiative. It was targeted at increasing the number of flights they had in order to drive down ticket prices.

Now, almost 10 years later, the airport is out of their original incentive dollars, and looking to bring down the cost of more flights including a direct flight to L.A., year-round traveling to Chicago, and bring Frontier Airlines back. But, there’s a catch: money for this incentive will come from the community.

"A small amount of money from the community gets multiplied into the tourism industry, businesses that travel for business, and the families trying to get home to see families for the holidays,” said John Faulkner, the Great Falls International Airport Director.

In 2010, the average one-way airfare was $214. In 2014, it had declined to $194, saving the community $3.6 million a year in lower airfare. In 2018, the average airfare was $211 meaning if they have the incentive program it will increase flights and lower cost.

We asked how much money they need for their new incentive, but they weren't able to say.

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