GREAT FALLS - In light of the coronavirus outbreak, the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office has begun taking new precautions when it comes to personal protection while serving the community.

Right now, the sheriff’s office is using several different items, including personal protection equipment, or PPE, to protect themselves from the virus while in the field.

Some items they are using include two different kinds of masks, one specifically for the deputies and the other for someone that may have to detain people.

“You know, we talked with our medical staff and other medical professionals. This was just the recommendation of the minimal amount of equipment that we should have. The reality of it is we want to make sure our people are healthy so we can protect you and keep you safe,”  said Jesse Slaughter, Cascade County Sheriff.

Other items included are gloves and personal bottles of hand sanitizer.

Sheriff Slaughter did say this equipment would be used on a case by case basis since these extra resources are extremely limited.

“The reality of it is that personal protective equipment doesn’t have that long of a shelf life, and we are trying to maximize that because those resources are extremely limited. So we are trying to have them dawn that protective equipment when they see it best,“ said Sheriff Slaughter.

The biggest message from the Cascade County Sheriff’s Department was for the public to not panic, and that we will get through this together.

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