Cascade County nonprofits to receive $25,800 from Federal Emergency Management Agency

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Cascade County is set to receive more emergency food and shelter funding. The United Way of Cascade County is set to distribute $25,823 to help boost non-profit funding this spring.

Eligible organizations could apply online to receive some of that money through the national Emergency Food and Shelter program. A local board of representatives from the American Red Cross, Opportunities Inc., and the Salvation Army are working to directly buy food and provide shelter for low-income and homeless people in the area.

Local farmers and ranchers hope people in outlying towns like Monarch, Neihart, Sun River, and Vaughn turn to them for support as well.

"Many of the communities already have food hubs but if you don't have a food hub program you should be working with your neighbors to create one so you can get food to your local community," Walter Schweitzer, President of the Montana Farmers Union said.

The Farmers to Families Food Box Program is also set to resume this summer to provide relief to communities hit the hardest by the pandemic.

You can find assistance programs in your area at any of the locations below:

American Red Cross

Opportunities, Inc.

Salvation Army

More details about United Way of Cascade County’s relief efforts are included here.

You can also find a list of the Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program’s funding across the state is listed here.

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