Carroll College & UM partner of accelerated graduate degrees

HELENA - The University of Montana and Carroll College have partnered up to help students obtain graduate degrees in less time and at a lower cost than traditional paths.   

Carroll College says this program is a first for both schools, and the first collaboration has Carroll College partnering with UM’s Law School to offer its first ever “3+3” dual-degree program. 

Meaning students in the program will attend Carroll College for three years and then transfer to the Missoula Law School to complete their three-year law degree. This will allow Carroll College students to complete a bachelor's degree and Doctorate in just six years, rather than the typical seven years. 

“That means those students can go to work in the seventh year. They can earn a living wage, they're not paying tuition, they're not paying for housing or books This is the only place in the state Montana that is offering this type of opportunity,” said John Cech, Carroll College President.   

Through this program, Carroll College will be able to recruit and retain talented undergraduate students interested in a career in law, and it will help the University of Montana recruit well-qualified and motivated Carroll students. 

The second collaboration involves the School of Law’s Master of Public Administration Program, which plans to partner with Carroll College’s department of political science to offer the first-ever “4+1” program in Montana.  

This program will allow participating students to complete their bachelor and MPA degrees in five years instead of traditional six or more. President Cech says Helena is a great community for this degree program due to the career opportunities with Carroll College being the Capital City. 

“This just seems like a perfect location for this, public-private partnership between Carroll College and the University of Montana,” said President Cech.  

Cech went onto say the national student loan debt is regularly making headlines, and says these new programs are a proactive step to help students obtain graduate degrees with less financial burden, maintain quality and serve the state’s economic need in law, public policy and public administration.   

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