Butte bars prepare for uncertain St. Patrick’s Day celebration

The M&M Bar and Cafe on Main Street in Butte.

BUTTE, Mont. – One of the biggest days and week for Butte is almost here and the M&M Bar and Café said they’ve stocked up big time for this uncertain holiday celebration.

"We’ve probably tripled our order... at least quadrupled our order but we’ve been fairly busy so we’ve been ordering quite a bit the last few weeks anyway which really says a lot about what’s going to happen on Wednesday,” Selina Pankovich, owner of the M&M said.

Last year Pankovich said they had the luxury of being able to return all of the beer they didn’t use because everything was shut down, this year that's not the case.

Local bars have been talking to each other trying to gauge just how much they should be stockpiling for this St. Patrick's Day and the "standing parade."

Pankovich said they have seen more people out leading up to the holiday which is good for other local business like 5518 Designs.

5518 Designs

The 5518 Designs Studio and Retail Store on Main Street.

“I think having a standing parade is very cool it kind of injects some spirit back into St. Patrick’s Day, what we really missed last year and even in the last week our store here on Main Street has been kind of feeling some momentum just from people visiting and people getting excited about the holiday,” Jon Wick, owner of 5518 Designs said.

More information on the M&M Bar and Cafe can be found here.

More information on 5518 Designs can be found here.

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