Montana Governor Steve Bullock will be on stage at the next Democratic presidential debate. 

The Democratic National Committee released the names of the 20 candidates who qualified for the debate Wednesday. 

Gov. Bullock is on the list. This is a big win for Bullock's campaign as he was excluded from the first round of debates based on his polling and fundraising numbers. 

The two-day debate will be hosted by CNN and held in Detroit on July 30 and 31. CNN will be conducting a drawing on Thursday to see which candidates will debate on which night. 

Bullock sent a statement saying:

“I’m excited to add my voice to the next DNC debate in Detroit. We need to have a conversation that isn’t detached from the realities people face in their everyday lives — the need for affordable healthcare, quality public schools, and an economy that ensures everyone has a fair shot at success. As the only candidate who has won and governed a Trump state, I’m focused on realistic solutions to the problems we’re facing — the first of which is ensuring we are competitive everywhere so we can beat Donald Trump.”

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