Bozeman mom is out to change the childcare industry and empower women in the process

In photo- Beth & Erica, Co-Founders, MyVillage.

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BOZEMAN- A mom in Bozeman realized what an uphill battle it was to find affordable, reliable childcare. So Erica Mackey, C.E.O of My Village, set out on a mission to fix that.

The mom of two says it's so hard to find a good daycare, that she had to sign up for a program waitlist before her child was even born.

She founded My Village as a child care company that helps women start run an educational daycare program in their own home.

“It’s very hard to get over that confidence hurdle of knowing and feeling confident you can run your own business, especially out of your home,”  Mackey said.

The business plan connects childcare providers with income and connects them to childcare professionals across the country, a designer to help them build their business, educational materials, and local support in obtaining licensing.

She says parents can make up to $60,000 a year while they can still be home with their own children.

Mackey says it gave her the reassurance that they were properly taken care of throughout the day.

“When you have kids, particularly between the age of zero and five, life is pretty overwhelming at that stage," she says. "So we make it easy to start a successfully [ran] business out of your home and be the best possible caregiver to your own kids and to your community's kids."

Her business plan has exploded in the State of Montana and in Colorado. She's says she's received national attention from venture capitalists who are currently investing up to $6 million to grow the company nationwide.

She said her goal was to make Montana one of the greatest places to be a child in daycare. That goal has now shifted to helping every mom in every corner of the country.

Mackey has a daycare right here in Bozeman that she goes to every day, her two kids attend that same daycare.

My Village has locations across the State of Montana.

While their mother works on building her business, her daughter has watched her mom grow her business from the ground up.

She tells people in the daycare that she’s “at work" as well because she wants to be just like her mom.

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