Bozeman woman donates over $8,000 to local charities

Carol Simpson gives Brittany Peters, director of operations of Thrive in Bozeman, a check from her proceeds of selling donated clothes from the month of August.

BOZEMAN- Bozeman resident Carol Simpson has donated more than $8,000 dollars to six different local charities as a way to give back to those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Clothes just started showing up, so I kept getting texts and phone calls from people just saying, ‘Yes, I want my clothes to do something good’ and that’s the whole idea,” Simpson, founder of Collecting Clothes 4 Charity said.

Simpson uses the app Poshmark to post pictures of the donated clothes to sell and has given all proceeds back to local charities around the Bozeman area.

“I started at the end of February, I reached out to neighbors I thought I would test it first and my neighbor next door was awesome, she came right over with a bag of clothes posted it and that very first night things of course started selling,” Simpson explained.

Using a mannequin in the corner of her home office to make them look appealing, Simpson said it’s been easy so far getting people to buy in.

“I’ve sold just shy of a thousand pieces of clothing… the community has been great about giving me you know tons of clothes to post online,” Simpson said.

For the month of September, Simpson planned on giving her proceeds to Gallatin County LOVE INC, but when the community was rocked by the Bridger foothills Fire, she changed plans.

“I don’t plan the charities out really far in advance so that if something comes up like the Bridger Fire, we can on the fly adjust,” Simpson said.

Right now Simpson said she has a little over $500 going to the Bridger Fire’s relief fund, but Simpson said none of this would be possible without the Bozeman community.

“The community has been great about giving me you know tons of clothes to post online and I have to tell you this, I have learned to love my mail man Brian,” Simpson said chuckling.

Simpson said that it’s more than a side hobby and hopes to expand upon her giving once she retires.

“I would love to see this happen in every town so I would love to see someone in Billings go ‘I want to do that’ and make this grow and grow,” Simpson exclaimed.

You can find Carol Simpson on Facebook here or you can email her at

On the Poshmark app, Simpson’s account is @cc4c.

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