BOZEMAN- For the third year in a row, Bozeman won best tasting water in the State of Montana.

The city won third best overall drinking water in the nation Tuesday.

The City of Bozeman sent jugs of water in coolers to competition in Denver, Colorado to be judged.

Water is brought to room temperature and the water is sampled by water connoisseurs.

The judging is no easy process.

“It’s very subjective they smell for the odor of it, the taste of it,” Alston said, “[They] eat crackers between the samples the judges have no idea whatsoever what they're tasting.”

This is the third time the city has been up for the award. Big Sky won last year.

The city says as part of the mission to maintain its water, it's getting rid of its remaining lead service lines. The city wanted to be proactive after the Flint, Michigan water crisis. 

Superintendent of Water, John Alston, says there were roughly 170 lead service lines in the area, currently, the number is down to 60.

The city wants you to know it’s very important that the water you are drinking is very safe.

Back in the 1990s, the city used an orthophosphate coding to secure the pipes.

“Fortunately, we have records, we have really good records of where our lines are,” Alston said, “we’ve gone through those records multiple times, looking to make sure that schools did not have a lead service line, they don’t.” 

The city is spending $400,000 to make sure all of these pipes have been removed and they’re using private contractors. The city is currently on track; the goal is to be done around next summer. 

Alston says they have communicated with customers they believe have lead service lines, if you believe you have a lead service line you’re welcome to call the Bozeman Shops department and they will come to look into it for you.

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