Bozeman ski guides now spending days making reusable masks for hospitals

BOZEMAN- With mask shortages being anticipated by medical professionals one group in Bozeman is stepping up and helping to make reusable masks.

Big Sky Backcountry Guides is working with Masks for Heros to help stitch up a stockpile of reusable masks for non-COVID19 patients.

Using reusable masks for non-COVID19 patients allows the hospital to conserve critical supplies for frontline nurses and doctors.

The collection of reusable mask made by Drew Pogge and the crew with Big Sky Backcountry Guides will be donated to Deaconess Hospital, by their request.

Pogge says his business is just one of many businesses affected by the shutdown and spread of COVID19.

“It’s a terrible situation for me and my employees,” Pogge said, “but I saw this opportunity and figured we might as well use our time to help the people we all need to help us through this thing.”

If you would like to help Masks for Heros you can follow this link for more information.

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