Bozeman Girl Scout donates over 100 boxes of cookies to active-duty troops in Qatar

BOZEMAN- With Girl Scout cookie season cut short, one Girl Scout in Bozeman is working to keep the cookies getting to you- at home.

For Dakota Dallman selling cookies and being a Girl Scout is part of her DNA.

Normally, Dallman would make a large donation to the veteran center at Montana State University.

But with Students gone and so much different this year- she wants to give active-duty troops in Qatar a taste of home.

The more boxes sold, the more she can donate, and the people of Bozeman are itching to get their hands on some cookies.

“My grown-up friend Cindy….She was like.. I need them... I need them,” Dallman said.

The coronavirus altered the way she would normally make sales. Dallman explained that normally the deliveries would have been done weeks back.

But she’s rolling with the punches.

“We can’t give them to them up close and personal, instead mom has to text people and let them know cookies have arrived,” Dallman said, “then she runs them up and leaves them on our customer's front porches, then retreats to a safe distance, so we can wave and show appreciation.”

Dallman says learning to adapt to the situation will help her in her future endeavors, whether that be for her as an Olympic athlete, a businesswoman, or in the political world- all things Dallman has eyes on.

Every year it’s her mission to make a large donation to the military, she says her goal is still to donate to the veteran center at Montana State University but this year she wanted to send a special thank you to our active-duty troops.

“I sent a whole bunch of boxes to a military base in Qatar,” Dallman said, “where my grown-up friend Patrick’s daughter Teresa is stationed.”

Teresa and her fellow troops have received 100 boxes from the Bozeman Girl Scout.

Dallman says she would like to donate more and is very pleased to know that Tagalong's and Thin Mints are providing normalcy in the time of uncertainty.

If you would like to support her- May 23, 2020 she’ll be selling cookies along with other Girl Scouts at the Gallatin Valley Mall from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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