Bozeman Chamber President details out the market forecast for the Bozeman area amid virus outbreak

BOZEMAN- Bozeman Chamber President Daryl Schliem is the head of the top-performing economic area in the state of Montana.

The Bozeman area boasts one of the top-performing airports in the region along with a real estate market that has only had an uptick for the last several years.

With summer tourism season fast approaching and uncertainty in the air over the virus, Schliem sat down with Wake Up Montana to explain the future of the business industry in the Bozeman area.

Schliem explains there is no good time for a situation like this to break out but that due to the winter tourism season over, things were quiet on the tourism front.

Explaining that as of right now businesses have not felt a massive financial hit.

The Bozeman Chamber of Commerce is actively reaching out to local businesses to support them through this difficult time.

Schliem says that previous relationships built over the last 10 years are helping to keep the local business market strong.

Right now Schliem explains that if people continue to follow the governor's stay home mandate, by the end of May we can start to experience and see what the new normal for the economic forecasts in the area would look like.

Citing that as of right now there are not major cancellations in the June-July timeframe.

Watch the live interview below:

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