Bozeman Business Boom: the booming housing market in the Bozeman area

BOZEMAN- Driving around the Bozeman area you see new developments popping up everywhere.

It's not just in Bozeman but Belgrade, and, Livingston as well.

“When I first started my company it was a guy in a pick-up truck,” Luke Antonacci said.

Antonacci is a contractor who's been slowly developing homes and doing remodels in the Livingston, Belgrade, and, Bozeman area.

19 years ago Antonacci was doing small jobs, things are much different today.

“We’re now building houses, we’re now doing a whole house remodels instead of just doing kitchens and bathrooms,” Antonacci said, “that’s how I started out as a remodel contractor.”

He says business is booming for him and it’s all thanks to the influx of people move into Bozeman.

Antonacci and his business partner Mark have multiple irons in the fire.

“We are real busy right now, Mark and I are both are booked out until August of next year,” Antonacci said.

Local real estate agents say as Bozeman continues to become a popular destination for retirees and new families, the market is shifting from downtown to out here where there’s open land available for purchase.

“So just naturally the growth is moving west of Bozeman,” real estate agent Jackie Wickens said.

Wickens and her business partner Trecie Wheat Hughes have made a business of selling the Montana dream.

The two even have a TV show on HGTV called, “Mountain Mamas,” helping people who live in the area and who want to move the area to find affordable houses

Hughes and Wickens are selling both new construction and existing properties.

“I bet we have an average of around seven or eight closings a month,” Hughes said.

Which is an upswing for the real estate team. The City of Belgrade tells Wake Up Montana that since January 1 of last year they’ve seen around 486 building permits filed.

Of the 486 permits filed, 276 of those are new dwellings. Meaning new residential homes

“in the Bozeman greater area we would see these little slowdowns just naturally with our seasons,” Hughes said, “[with] school starting and all that stuff, and we’re really not seeing that anymore.”

With interest shifting outside the Bozeman area the City of Belgrade reports those 276 dwellings could potentially bring 2 1/2 people per house.

Meaning 690 new people are moving into the Belgrade area.

For Luke who’s lived in Bozeman for over 20 years, he’s working to keep up with that growth, he says it’s going to be exciting to see what happens to the once sleepy ski town.

That growth in Bozeman is helping Luke achieve a really big piece of the American dream.

“It’s great for me I’m setting myself up hopefully to retire early,” Antonacci said.

He attributes it all back to the booming Bozeman economy.

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