Bozeman Business Boom: Gildhouse and the booming self-care industry taking Bozeman by storm

BOZEMAN- The self-care and beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar cash maker and in Bozeman, with the growth of the community comes new businesses opening to service those needs.

Gildhouse is a salon and spa wellness center that is expanding the beauty world in the Bozeman area. It’s the third of its kind in the state.

The concept of Gildhouse is that spa and wellness employees can rent out a suite as opposed to a chair. Creating an all-inclusive beauty destination.

“I love helping people feel their best,” Haley Walsh a stylist at Hyalite Studio said.

Walsh is part of a 10-billion-dollar industry. For the last five years, Walsh has styled and cut hair across the Gallatin Valley.

“I love living in Bozeman because it is so close to everything that I like to do,” Walsh said.

Moving into Gildhouse allowed her to make a living and stay close to home and family.

“Since moving into the Gildhouse building my numbers have been up 15%,” Walsh said.

On average Americans spend close to $199 a month in self-care and people younger than 25 reported spending even more, according to Market Watch.

Guildhouse only opened up about a month ago and they’re already feeling the effects of the industry’s boom.

“We thought this business would do really well in Bozeman because of the way Bozeman is very vested in health and wellness,” Cynthia Spratt on of the co-owner of Gildhouse said.

Spratt was a nurse for 14 years and she was looking for a change in pace in her life.

With the market in Bozeman being rich for development she and her husband saw the opportunity to open Gildhouse and ran with it, and Bozeman has taken right to the concept.

Spratt explained that centers like these have popularity on the East Coast and are only just starting to come out West.

“We had a grand opening in September and the building was packed,” Spratt said, “it was a cold dark rainy night people were parking a quarter-mile away.”

But for Walsh, the Bozeman native, being a part of the $10 billion industry that is beauty and self-care provides her with an avenue to stay home.

“It’s really empowering to make a living in the most expensive city in Montana,” Walsh said.

She can look out her window from her suit and see the mountain she grew up skiing on.

“With the cost of living so high in Bozeman, I love that I’m able to make a good living here and stay in the community that I love,” Walsh said, “and I still get to ski at my Bridger Bowl and watch Bozeman grow.”

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