Bozeman Business Boom: From farm to table one cooler at a time

BOZEMAN- Let’s stay stronger together, with people staying close to home, local food delivery services are seeing a spike. 

“This year rather than slowing down through the spring we have stayed slightly busier than we were in January and February,” Heather Mcdonnell the owner of Whole & Nourished said. 

Mcdonnell sells premade meals with food sourced directly from farms right to the table. Which she then leaves on people’s front porch in a cooler. 

“Our business is up probably 5-10% since January but up 30 to 40% from March and April last year,” Mcdonnell said.

She says normally heading in the summer she starts to see a dip in sales. But with people at home, the orders are continuing to come through. 

She's filling so many additional orders that she's growing out of her Toyota RAV4 and is now driving in industrial Dodge van.

“Over the last couple of months I think a lot of Montanans are seeking opportunity to support local business,” Mcdonnell said. 

In 2019 46% of products used in her business were sourced right here in Montana from meat to vegetable products.

So she put her van in gear and she’s using her mobile strategy to help other businesses in Livingston and Bozeman keep the lights on during this difficult time.

“Ordering Whole & Nourished they’re able to support not only our business five, six, seven other ones,” Mcdonnell said.  

Her goal right now is to use the food truck to sell the products of other small businesses in the area.

From locally sourced homemade salsa to coffee beans and everything in between. 

“I saw an opportunity,” Mcdonnell said, “A. from my customers to have more variety to choose from and B. for a lot of these local businesses who are struggling right now to have another avenue to sell their goods.”  

Even though times are difficult her hopes that the introduction of the new products will generate permanent local business. 

“We are definitely seeing more people I think across the country who are supporting local and it’s, of course, the hope that they continue,” Mcdonnell said.

If you would like to learn more about Whole & Nourished you can follow this link. 

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