Bozeman Business Boom: A hospital on the move

BOZEMAN-The Gallatin Valley is booming. It’s one of the fastest-growing cities of its size in the nation.

So to keep up with the needs of the valley, Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital is on the move. Making massive updates to help your family in a crisis situation.

“Today if a newborn needs extensive respiratory support, [if it] needs certain types of intervention with specialists we have to transfer them out,” Dr. Kathryn Bertany the Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital President said.

But that won’t be the case once this construction is complete at the hospital. For the last several months you may have noticed work going on the hospital, and it was all done with you in mind.

“We will be a level 2 newborn intensive care when we open next fall,” Bertany said, “we hope to be able to transition to a level 3 within a period of years.”

Bertany explained that the upgrades and expansions are a team effort, every member of the care team was involved in the blueprints in the design of the new buildings.

When everything is complete the hospital will boast a new ICU Tower, new O-R capacity operating rooms, and the new Women’s and Children’s Pavilion. But just because there are currently visible signs of growth doesn't mean the hospital has been adapting the last several years.

“We… see a lot of tourists come that are looking to Bozeman Health for medical needs whether they live here for six months out of the year,” Bertany said, “they don’t count in our population stats.”

Bertany says that large numbers of tourists visiting the parks have helped the team at the hospital grow over the last several years. The team is used to high volumes of patients.

But Bertany adds these expansions that we are seeing to the exterior of the hospital will help keep Bozeman residents home during those crucial times.

“Sometimes mom isn’t ready to transfer yet or even if she is she’s trying to recover from delivery,” Bertany said “So being able to stay close to home and not have to manage your newborn in a hospital hours away is going to make the healing experience much easier with the support of family and your community close to home.”

When the construction is complete Bozeman Health will feature close to 20 new universal ICU rooms, updated and larger progressive care unit rooms and the new newborn intensive care unit.

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