Boy Scout troop fixes fence after DUI leaves Bozeman family picking up the pieces

BOZEMAN- A Bozeman woman’s car was hit by a drunk driver while she was sleeping. But the community has rallied around her and her family.

It was just a few days before Christmas when a drunk driver totaled their car and smashed into their fence.

The car they just paid off and was and just barely missed their home.

The family who was asleep inside has been slowly working to transition from homelessness to homeowners.

This accident sets them back due to the number of bills they’ve had to pay.

Thankfully a car was donated to them to help them get to work, but the kindness from the community hasn’t stopped.

Local Boy Scout troop 676 stepped up and fixed their destroyed fence.

“It almost was like putting my life back together,” Theresa Anderson said, “what we’ve been through, it was just wonderful I enjoyed it immensely I stayed out here the entire time I didn’t go in the house at all.”

Anderson went on to say that through this whole ordeal what’s gotten her through is knowing how much Bozeman supports her.

She said watching the boy scout troop fix their fence was just one more load lifted off her shoulders, which will help her continue to focus on financial stability and helping her granddaughter.

Anderson says after going through this she will be working with the group MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving as she feels this could have been much worse.

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