SANTIAGO, CHILE- The MSU Symphony has left Bozeman and is in South America!

The Bobcats are in Chile for an educational tour.

Dr. Tobin Stewart is the Symphony Orchestra Director and Assistant Professor of Music at Montana State University who is on the trip, he wrote to Wake Up Montana via email from Chile.

"We have been having a blast, the collaborations have been very powerful and meaningful," Stewart said via email.

The MSU Symphony has been partnering with two Chilean orchestras from two different universities, Orquesta Universitaria La Serena and Orquesta Estudiantil de Universidad Técnica.

The University of La Serena was chosen through a friendship that Stewart made with Chilean conductor, Alejandro Melendez.

Stewart and Melendez have created a cultural and musical exchange for students at MSU and in Chile.

Melendez came to MSU to rehearse and conduct a concert with the Bobcat Symphony in Feb of 2019.

Melendez taught the Bobcat students a concert of South American and Mexican music.

So in return, Chilean students will join their Bobcat counterparts in rehearsals and a concert to perform together.

According to Stoneback the students at both schools share a musical experience, but also share many common majors.

The Technical University of Santa Maria is very similar to MSU with a large engineering population.

Stewarts email adds that MSU students benefit from touring in many ways.

Shows like this help the Bobcats grow the sense of community, which always helps the communication in music performance.

Stewart added the opportunity to travel to a foreign country adds a bonus of learning about a new culture, and in this case, the music of that culture.

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