HAMILTON, Mont. - The Bitter Root Humane Association is the only shelter between Salmon, Idaho and Missoula. It prides itself on not turning away any animal in need and estimates it rehomes about a thousand animals each year. In order to continue to do so, this new shelter was necessary. 

The new shelter allows the humane society to better help its animals and spoil them a bit too. 

The cats get lots of natural light and have enclosed outdoor porches. The dog kennels feature more privacy with big windows, heated floors and outdoor play areas. 

On top of that, the shelter has a better treatment center to care for sick animals. 

Executive Director Danny Groshong said the added space will make adoptions more special for families. 

"We have extra play yards in the back and there's a dedicated play space for the cats," Groshong said. "It's just easier to get people go have that personal time to make sure they find that forever home."

The new shelter will also serve the entire Bitterroot Valley. There's going to be an outdoor space for animals during wildfires, a barn for larger animals and a community education room for trainings and events. 

Looking ahead, the humane association is planning a number of events to give the whole community a chance to see the new shelter. 

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