Big Sky restaurants see uptick in sales as COVID-19 shuts season down

BIG SKY- With COVID-19 ending ski season early in Big Sky, businesses brace for impact but one says it doubled sales.

Up in Big Sky getting a table at Lotus Pad would normally be impossible to get a table at, but the owner says due to COVID-19 business not only has been steady but it’s increased for this time of year.

“We’ve probably increased our sales by around 15 to 20%,” Alex Omania the Chef and Owner The Lotus Pad said. 

That’s not dining in- it’s take out. In total 50% of what they’re doing now is to-go orders.

“People are nervous about going out to eat they want to just bring food home,” Omania said. “The dynamics of eating out are changing.”

Omania, the owner of Lotus Pad had to change your delivery system normally it would just be a quick phone call but now it’s all online because they’re so inundated. 

“We’re just trying to adapt to the new normal,” Omania said.

Omania, was nervous when the outbreak closed big sky early for the season but she’s been trying to remain positive and says her best advice for business owners is to stay focused. 

“I think just staying calm and just focusing on how to adapt is important,” Omania said, “because a lot of people get nervous and freak out and shut their business down- if you want to survive in this environment you have  critically think in order to do that you have to be calm.”

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