Before school starts Gallatin County is reminding you to have vaccinations updated

BOZEMAN-With school just around the corner Gallatin County is asking that you check your childs vaccinations to help keep other kids safe and healthy.

With it almost being back to school time it also means it’s almost cold and flu season. 

The City-County Health Department will be offering vaccinations across the county to help kids be ready to start the school year off on a healthy note. 

There are necessary vaccinations required to attend school or participate in pre-school these vaccinations protect all students from potential life-threatening diseases.

“Some [kids] have medical reasons for why they shouldn’t get them, those are the kids that we really need to be careful that we’re protecting, “Tracy Knoedler Human Services Director said, “the kids that can’t get shots really need the protection of the kids who are able to get shots, so that we have heard immunity and they’re protected from these communicable diseases.” 

The county says if you can’t afford vaccinations for your kids they have a program in place to financially help out.

“We have the Vaccine For Children Program which provides free vaccines for children who are uninsured,” Knoedler said, “we do charge a small and administration  fee which can be slid based on income.”

When getting these vaccinations you’ll need to bring your child's insurance information and immunization record. 

You can get more information on how you can get your kids vaccinated here. 

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