Beer Olympics in Bozeman showcases economic growth for state

BOZEMAN- Did you want to be an Olympian growing up?  If you did and didn’t make the cut the Craft Brew Week in Bozeman is giving you a second chance with the Beer Olympics.

The 3rd annual Beer Olympics will give you a chance to throw a keg for gold, each year the event continues to grow in size.

The size and growth can be attributed back the importance of the craft brewing industry on the Montana economy.

The craft brew industry is providing jobs for people at bars, work for farmers and giving new community spaces for people to hang out.

The Brewer’s Association ranks Montana 25th in the nation with 417 million dollars in economic impact.

With over 197,167 barrels made in 2018 alone.

With craft brew week continuing to grow in size the growth and interest in these events are making event planners look for new space.

“I mean it’s been really exciting, Beer Olympics is grown into something,” Loy Maierhauser Beer Week Co-Founder said, “[it used to be a] small group of people on the back patio of Maps to something that Maps couldn’t hold anymore, just over the course of two years.”

Teams will be competing in different beer-themed events

The events are as followed.

- Keg Toss

- Tough Pull-Up Contest

- Keg Pulley

- Beer Pong

- Beer-Challenge Obstacle Course

Teams are encouraged to dress up with a theme. 

People can sign up the day of or register online here it cost five dollars to take part.

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