Author of 'Maid' teams up with bookstore to give back to local moms

MISSOULA, Mont. - The new Netflix show 'Maid' is putting Missoula on the map.

The show is based off the memoir with the same name by author Stephanie Land who got out of an emotionally abusive relationship herself while working as a maid in western Washington.

She made Missoula her destination to get an education and rebuild her life with her young daughter.

The ending shot to the series shows Stephanie Land's character and her daughter looking over Missoula where she is about to start school and become the writer who produces a best-selling book and one of the most popular Netflix dramas on right now.

However, there's more to the story because Land is now giving back to Missoula women who feel the isolation she once felt.

"I started writing for that one person who was staying up late at night and looking for some kind of sign that they weren't alone," Land said.

She wrote a story of a mom's grit, dealing with government programs and underpaying jobs.

"I really think there's a lot of power there in just being vulnerable with each other, because that's where empathy comes from and that's how we build compassion," Land said.

Compassion is what Land is now sharing with other moms.

She teamed up with the bookstore Fact and Fiction to sign copies and raise money for Mountain Home, a local group home for young moms and their kids.

Bookstore Owner Mara Panich said they can't keep books on shelves.

"I think it's a reflection of that people all over care and this voice is raising out of Missoula," Panich said.

Now, the book's success is making a difference right here at home.

"We're just a small community bookstore," Panich said. "When books well 12, 20, 40 copies, we're excited and I think we're pushing 800 copies at this point."

Books continue to be ordered every couple of minutes and despite the global attention, Land cherishes Missoula the most.

"I love the support that the community is bringing, especially to Fact and Fiction and to Mountain Home," Land said. "It just warms my heart and keeps me going."

This week, Land is donating 100 books to the store where 100% of the profits will go to Mountain Home Missoula.

To order a signed copy of 'Maid' from Fact and Fiction, click here.

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