Asked and Answered, when will move into 1C?

Ron Jones reached out with this question- “When will we go to Phase 1C for people over 60?”

Ron great question and thanks for emailing us.

So just as a recap, we are in Phase 1B, that’s Montanans 70 years of age and older, 16 to 69 years of age with a high-risk medical condition, and native Americans and other people of color who may be at elevated risk for covid-19 complications.

Phase 1C is the next group and is for frontline essential workers, Montanans aged 60 years and older, Montanans aged 16-59 with certain medical conditions.

You can read the full plan here. 

Right now, DPHHS once the demand for the vaccine begins to cool down in a vast majority of local jurisdictions is when they would start moving forward.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte said on Wake Up Montana Weekend that the hospital numbers are low and that is something he’s watching, but that he's happy with the downward trend.

Gianforte said discussions at the state level to move into Phase 1C are taking place as result of those numbers go down and with feedback from the counties.

No date has been given to move forward but the conversation is taking place, you can also watch the full sit down with the governor by following this link.

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