BUTTE - Friday was an emotional day for alumni of Greeley Grade School in Butte as a few residents came to pick up some memorabilia from the beloved building.

The iconic building has been a staple in the Greeley neighborhood since it was built in 1917.

The building held countless memories for elementary school students, teachers and staff until it closed in the early 2000's.

Almost a dozen alumni came and picked up bricks, lumber and glass window panels to remember the school on Friday afternoon.

The building's owners at Ingraham Environmental Inc. say they thought this would be a sentimental way for alumni to cherish their favorite building before it was demolished in the upcoming months.

"It's really awesome that the community is wanting to come down and grab something and remind them of their childhood or their first job that they had teaching or their first principal job," PJ Belisario with Ingraham Environmental said.

Belisario says they have plans in the works for turning the area into something new in the community. Belisario adds they're considering condos, businesses and a park but nothing is set in stone just yet.

Belisario says it's not too late to grab a brick, he adds they will be at the building periodically and allow people to pick up memorabilia.

He also says to contact their office to set up a time to say goodbye to the old school.

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