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GREAT FALLS- Alluvion Health recently received a grant for $167,000 that will be used to expand youth behavioral health services in schools across Great Falls.

The grant is funded by the Health Resource Service Administration (HRSA) and is designed to give students access to health services they might not otherwise have.

Alluvion hopes this will de-stigmatize the negative connotation mental health carries and show students it's just as important as their physical health.

In the end, health officials hope this will encourage youth to look for mental health resources sooner rather than later.

“Part of this grant we are also using for provider education, so this will help our providers in doing continuing education; specifically on childhood trauma. So by being able to recognize signs sooner and being able to get that student the resources they need, we hope to have an impact on suicide rates as well,” explains Mallory Wood, the School Based Health Director. 

This is also part of the reason why Alluvion behavioral health services is already in every secondary school in Great Falls.

Now however, they’re trying to reach students at an even younger age.  

As a result, Meadowlark Elementary School was the first to receive the behavioral health service's following their expansion.

Over the course of the next few months, Lewis and Clark, Loy, Valley View, and Giant Springs  will all receive behavioral health services as well.  

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