A school rivalry helps feed Montana

MISSOULA - This is the 20th annual can the Cats/Griz food drive competition as both the University of Montana and Montana State University will compete to see who can raise the most food and funds.

School rivalries can be fun and intense, especially during football season, but the UM Food Pantry wants to remind others to donate and think of the community all year long.

"It gets it done, it really works to get people to turn out and donate food, I just wish we saw this many donations for the rest of the year and not just during the competition," said Kat Cowley, Um Food Pantry student coordinator.

In 2018, one in five people in Missoula County utilized the local food bank. All of the food collected in the can the cats drive will either go to the Missoula Food Bank or UM Food Pantry in Missoula, or if you're in Bozeman, the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.

Last year both schools raised over 400,000 pounds of food, which helps to supply the food banks until August, said Cowley.

No matter if you're trying to can the Cats or can the Griz, it's about giving back to the communities.

To find your nearest food drop off location you can go to canthecats if you're in Missoula or canthegriz.com if you're in Bozeman.

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