HELENA, Mont. - Over the course of the last several days medication used to treat animals for deworming have made headlines in conjunction to treating COVID-19.

Montana DPHHS tells Montana Right Now that in 2021, there have been five reported cases in the state of people that took ivermectin to either prevent or treat COVID.

It has been the guidance of the governor and DPHHS to take the safe and approved COVID-19 vaccine to build up antibodies against the virus.

Some viewers at home have asked why get vaccinated if people are still getting COVID with the vaccine?

We took that question to Dr. Seth Cohen, a University of Washington Medicine Infectious Diseases Specialist.

Dr. Cohen said via email, “People who are unvaccinated are much more likely to become seriously ill or die from COVID-19 compared with vaccinated people in the same age group.”

The guidance from the medical community is that the best treatment for COVID is the vaccine and that ivermectin should be used for horses, cattle, and sheep.

If you are immuno-compromised and feel you need more protection against the virus, third dose vaccination is happening now.

Per DPHHS thousands of Montanans who are immuno-compromised have already received their third dose in Montana.

However, approval for all Montanans eligible for the vaccine to receive a booster dose has not yet been approved by the FDA.

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