ZooMontana: Sam the otter turns 1!

A special day over at ZooMontana as Sam the otter celebrated his first birthday!

Sam is a North American River otter who celebrated his birthday in a very special way on Monday. The party started with a quick show for the guests at Sam's birthday bonanza where he got to eat some fishy snacks and even participate in some training with some of his younger party goers.

After that, he headed back over to his enclosure where he was welcomed with some presents and most importantly, a cake.

Jeff Ewelt, Executive Director of ZooMontana, who we know here at KULR-8 as Jeff the Nature Guy, told us a little bit about Sam on his big day.

"You know Sam is a pretty special otter and has done some incredible training with us. The training we do with the otters has purpose to it, of course its fun for the trainer and the animal but it's also for medical reasons as well. It's just a fun day to celebrate his one year of life here at ZooMontana," said Ewelt.

KULR-8 Reporter / Weekend Anchor

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