Youth vote official results

The official results of the Montana Student Election youth vote are in.  Students in grades K-12 were able to vote online for the same things that their parents will be voting for on Tuesday.  Most of the voters were in grades 7-12, 75.89%.  Elementary students were 24.11% of the vote. 

Republican Matt Rosendale was picked for US Senate with 46.01% of the vote.  Republican Greg Gianforte was picked for US House of Representatives with 46.31% of the vote.  Republican Bowen Greenwood was picked for Clerk of the Supreme Court with 47.02% of the vote.  Initiative No. 185, an initiative to raise taxes on tobacco products, received a 58.78% "yes" vote.

Voters were also able to vote on some other preferences.  They voted pizza as their favorite school lunch, at 43.87%.  It was followed by chicken nuggets, PB & J, and then hamburgers.  Sponge Bob Square Pants was the favorite cartoon.  Basketball was the favorite sport.  Lebron James was the favorite athlete, followed by J.J. Watt.  Imagine Dragons was the favorite artist by a large percentage of 53.35%.

For complete results, you can go to  Click on "view results."

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